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Toolkit for Instructional Materials Evaluation


Virtual NextGen TIME is an adaptation of the fully face-to-face professional learning experience. In the virtual version, teams of educators use the Paperscreen Tools and Processes to evaluate the quality of instructional materials and their design for next generation science--either new instructional materials or current instructional materials. Using NextGen TIME is an investment in professional learning to better leverage the often significant investment in instructional materials. 

Leaders and teams use the original version of NextGen TIME to prepare to engage teams of educators (e.g., adoption committee) to use the NextGen TIME, potentially prescreen materials being considered for selection so that the best possible candidate programs are evaluated in the paperscreen (face-to-face or use Virtual NextGen TIME). The one or two best programs may be tested for their use in the classroom with students in a pilot. The results of the process are then used to plan for ongoing professional learning so that teachers are prepared to use the best possible instructional materials for their local context.

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