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Introduction to Virtual NextGen TIME Video

Virtual NextGen TIME takes advantage of online applications and time away from the whole group in asynchronous professional learning experiences. We offer support for six such experiences across the four lenses used to evaluate the instructional materials. The four lenses are Foundations, Student Thinking, Student Progress, and Teacher Support.

Foundations: The Foundations tools and process help teams consider the presence of key components: Phenomena/Problems, Three Dimensions, and Logical Sequence.


Student Thinking: The Student Thinking tools and process help teams consider the evidence for quality of learning experiences for phenomena/problems, three dimensional conceptual framework, prior knowledge, metacognition, and equitable learning opportunities. 


Student Progress: The tools and process for Monitoring Student Progress help teams consider the evidence for three dimensional performances, variety of measures, measure of student progress over time, and equitable access.


Teacher Support: The Teacher Support tools and process help teams consider evidence of the support for teachers across all aspects of Foundations, Student Thinking, and Student Progress.

The table below provides a purpose for each session and shows how the asynchronous sessions are spaced in relation to the synchronous sessions.

VNGT Schedule image.jpg
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