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Foundations Session Part 2

Session Outline:

In this asynchronous session you will:

  • Read assigned chapter from Disruptions in Ecosystems (if you have not downloaded your assigned chapter,  refer to the Asynchronous Introduction Session page to download)

  • Write down your ideas of  what students could learn from your Chapter. You will share these at the next synchronous session.

    • Reminders:

  • DO:

    • Write only one idea per sticky note

    • Write in complete sentences

    • As this process is evidence based, only record information from the instructional material and Identify page numbers on the sticky note

    • Look for concepts found in more than one place


  • DO NOT:

    • Talk about what students are DOING

    • Write objective statements that start with students should...

    • Write questions

    • List topics

    • List activities, labs, assessments, etc.

    • Think about or add the magic that teachers could bring to materials



**Navigation Guide: Disruptions in Ecosystems


*Type the location listed here in the navigation bar at the top of the PDF viewer (Adobe, Kami, Lumin, etc.) to go directly to the start of the teacher materials.

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