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Introduction Session

Welcome to NextGen TIME in a Virtual Space!

This asynchronous session is your introduction and orientation to this virtual professional learning experience. In this asynchronous session you will:

  • Watch an introductory video that includes a reference to a brief NextGen TIME Overview. 

  • Use the Asynchronous Session Guide, customized for your team and attached to your Welcome Email, to access the Jamboard where you will make your thinking visible about the characteristics of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) designed for next generation science. During the first synchronous session, you’ll get to meet others on your team and see what they think! 

  • Check your calendars to make sure all the synchronous sessions are scheduled.

  • Download the handouts that we’ll use throughout the process. Feel free to print them or use them electronically. 

Use the checklist in your customized Asynchronous Overview Guide attached to your Welcome to Virtual NextGen TIME email to guide your use of the resources linked on the right side of this page.


Disruptions in Ecosystems


Welcome & Introduction to NextGen TIME in a Virtual Space

How to Use Jamboard

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