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Student Thinking Session Part 2

Session Outline:

In this asynchronous session you will:

  • One or more team members will use Flipgrid to record a 2-4 minute story of student thinking for your chapter.  

  • Let your PDL know when you’ve posted your story. 

  • Your PDL will let you all know when the stories are ready. 

  • Listen to/watch the stories for all five chapters. Record notes for yourself of things you think are important to remember about the path of student thinking and how it does (or does not) change over time and how students used the three dimensions to explain phenomena/solve problems. 

  • Use the Asynchronous Session Guide, customized for your team found in the resource folder to access the link for the Flipgrid page  where you will record your story video. 

  • Download the handouts that we’ll use for the next session. Feel free to print them or use them electronically. 


Note: Use the checklist in your Asynchronous Overview Guide in the resource folder to access customized links and guide your use of the resources linked on the right side of this page.

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